The US historical events in brief

Plans and Route Guidance The classroom materials and professional development programs offered by the Library make it much simpler for teachers to teach their students using primary sources from the huge digital collection held by the Library and introduce them the US historical events in brief. Find out how you can assist your pupils in […]

The Timelines of the United States of America

Teachers’ residence The Library of Congress helps teachers use library materials in the classroom by giving them classroom resources and professional development. Using a graphic organizer and clear instructions, you can guide your students through the process of analyzing these primary materials based on the timelines of the United States of America. Timeline of the […]

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Chronology of connected historical events: The National Archives has a collection of historic artifacts.

Even the most well-written article or book cannot capture the essence of a historical event like a diary, letter, painting, or memoir written by someone who was there or saw it happen. The use of original materials allows students to have a thorough understanding of important historical themes and creates a chronology of connected historical […]

All British Casino Insights and Review

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US history and timelines: Extending Our Knowledge of the Place: Residences for educators

With the support of the Library of Congress, educators can learn how to use Library of Congress digital resources in their classroom instruction to teach US history and timelines. Students can better understand these primary sources if you provide them with a graphic organizer and step-by-step instructions. Profile of the United States of America A […]

The US immigration history: Locals and newcomers

According to historical records, the United States has long been known for its large immigrant population and US immigration history. People’s attitudes toward newcomers have evolved from friendliness to exclusivity throughout time. Indigenous peoples began arriving in North America and the territory that would become the United States thousands of years before Europeans set foot […]

A Comprehensive overview of Homeschooling history

According to John Holt, an advocate for education reform, the emphasis that traditional schools place on reciting information from memory creates a coercive learning environment that is intended to mold youngsters into compliant workers. During this time period, homeschooling history was just getting its footing and starting to gain popularity. Unschooling can be accomplished with […]

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